Weird & Wünderful Quark

A dairy anomaly that celebrates the unique. The real. The delicious.

The Wünders of Superdairy

Protein Packed

15 grams per serving keeps you fuller, longer.

Low in Sugar

Only 9 grams added—that’s less than most yogurts.

No Tang

A higher pH of 4.5 means a tasty non-sour taste.

Powered by Probiotics

Billions of them. Because we love your guts.

Speaks 39 Languages

Quark is a beloved staple in most European and Central Asian households.

What is Quark?

Don’t try to put it in a box–quark is easy to love, but not easy to describe. Think non-tart yogurt meets rich créme fraîche. A naturally creamy, good-for your guts snack like no other.

How It's Made

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