Our Magicsauce

Our Magicsauce

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Our Craft

This is what 17 hours of dairy alchemy looks like.

We thoughtfully source high quality grass-fed milk from small batch family farms in upstate New York and mix it together with a special blend of dairy cultures. These cultures create flavorful, buttery notes and a lingering creaminess that are unique to our quark. We then strain it to achieve a thick and rich texture that flexes up to 17 grams of protein per cup. Lastly, we gently heat the mixture to maintain the pH, which results in a smooth, non-tart taste. The cherry on top? Real fruit and flavors flavored by nature.

Keep it weird—and wünderful

We don’t and will never use artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, flavors or growth hormones. We are committed to only working with vendors who share our sense of passion and perfectionism and who use sustainable farming practices. Each batch is lovingly made and packaged with 50% less plastic than the average yogurt container, and is completely recyclable. Because nature, duh.

The Wünderers

We came together over our shared love of quark and as a result, brought more Wünder into the world—namely, to the United States—where quark was somehow nowhere to be found.

We spent a year crafting the perfect recipe to make our mamas proud: non-tart taste, thick, smooth texture, and unique flavors that are naturally delicious. The rest is quark-y history in the making.