Our Roots

Our Roots

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Meet The Wünderers

Call it luck; call it serendipity. Our story begins when co-founders Kamilya, Daniyar, and Pierre met on a volunteer trip to Greenland. The trio shared a passion for community building and an appreciation for a funny-sounding European dairy. Little did they know, they would be working together again, just a few years later, to build what would become Wünder Creamery.

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A Quarky Idea

Back in the US, Kamilya, was missing the taste of home (Kazakhstan to be exact). Quark, the household staple she’d grown up with, just wasn’t available in her adopted country. So, Kamilya pitched an idea to her friends: Make their beloved quark, right here in the States.

I come from a big family. We had a second fridge full of cultured dairy and I’d just eat it when I was feeling hungry because it was filling but healthy – and I loved it. Then I came here to the U.S. and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

The small-but-optimistic team got to work. Their first batch of quark was good, but it wasn’t “just right.” The next batch was too soup-y, another too sour. It would take two years and more than 20 different dairy cultures before serendipity struck again. Through continued research, the team was able to find the cultures that would ultimately give our quark its irresistible buttery notes in France.

With the recipe perfected, the team batch-tested new flavors and crafted a brand to match their plucky optimism. And so, Wünder Creamery was born.

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