Naturally Wunderful

Real, farm-fresh raspberries give our quark a sweet and tangy kick. It's no wonder these antioxidant-rich berries are known as “nature’s candy” for their delicious, nutritious ways.

Real Ingredients. Not a lot of them.

Pasteurized Whole Milk, Cane Sugar, Raspberries, Fruit Pectin, Natural Flavor, Cultures

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Why Is Quark Different?

Protein Packed

15 grams per serving keeps you fuller, longer

Low in Sugar

Only 9 grams added—that’s less than most yogurts

No Tang

A higher pH of 4.5 means a tasty non-sour taste

Powered by Probiotics

Billions of them. Because we love your guts

Speaks 39 Languages

Quark is a beloved staple in most European and Central Asian households