Kamilya Abilova

She had the quarky idea of making quark. Growing up, her big family had a second fridge filled almost entirely with cultured dairy. She is a hugger!

Daniyar Chukin

Frequently gets mistaken for a BTS band member. His joke arsenal is stupendous. Probably the best person to have on your trivia team.
Business Partner

Pierre Forien

A former UN employee, Pierre met Daniyar and Kamilya during a volunteer trip in Greenland! Loves rock climbing, running and anything outdoorsy.
VP of Sales

Tom Lavery

Huge Barry White fan. Bailed hay in college for the Bellamy Brothers. Loves the sport of cycling and proudly represents Wünder on his jersey. Go Tom!

Tom DePaola

Loves baseball. Has visited 25 out of 50 states before the age of 25. Shares a hometown with Billy Joel.
Operations Manager

Jennifer Damon

Is fluent in American Sign Language. Loves Brussel Sprouts. As a child she believed that chocolate milk came from brown cows. Hehe, cute!
Digital Marketing Manager & Design

Anna Gritsevich

Most favorite past time is grocery shopping. Favorite pizza flavor is anchovies and onion. A true crime aficionado.
Senior Marketing Manager

Mandy Geisler

Grew up eating quark in Germany. Loves eating everything with Matcha! Needs to smell every book in her hand. Umm, weird, but that’s cool with us!
Nutrition and Wellness Expert

Nicole Hallissey, MS RDN CDN

Probably the most talented one-pot meal creator you've ever known. She'll cook if you do the dishes! Nicole has never met a cat she didn't like.